Why is it important to know your ovulation cycle

You may know other women that track their periods, but maybe yours is a surprise, even if it comes at the same time every month. If so, you might be doing yourself a disservice. As technology makes tracking cycles easier than it ever has been before, doctors and other health professionals are increasingly recommending using [...]

Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant?

Many people shy away from asking this important question in life “why am I not getting pregnant?” This can be for many reasons and one should be aware of the facts so that the right measures are taken in the right direction. Women believe it is a taboo to ask this due to the fear [...]

Does Alcohol Affect Getting Pregnant?

There are many factors that affect one’s pregnancy. One vital question that everyone likes to know is does alcohol affect getting pregnant? The answer is that it can be a little risky. There are different opinions and discussions around this question. Let us try to understand what the best idea can be. After all giving [...]