There are many factors that affect one’s pregnancy. One vital question that everyone likes to know is does alcohol affect getting pregnant? The answer is that it can be a little risky. There are different opinions and discussions around this question. Let us try to understand what the best idea can be. After all giving birth is an important aspect of womanhood and no one wants to take a risk with it.

A chance of infertility is directly proportional to the consumption of alcohol. If a woman is more into intoxicating drinks, then there are more chances of her not getting pregnant when compared to others who are on mild intakes. Medical Science recommends that people wishing to experience motherhood should avoid intoxicating drinks such as alcohol completely..

Drinking a lot or drinking regularly definitely impacts the fertility of a woman and there are more chances that the baby turns out to be unhealthy.

Precautions to follow

  • Drinking two to three drinks per month doesn’t have direct impact on the woman’s chances of being pregnant but more consumption may be two to three drinks in one instance can be seriously harmful.

  • One who is planning for pregnancy should try and avoid drinking. Why risk your opportunity to be the happiest?

  • If you love drinking alcoholic beverage, you can cut down to mock tail just a few months before you are planning for a baby.

I know it is not that easy as it sounds but reproduction is a lovely procedure and no one wants to cause any harm to the process by any means. Nothing can fill the gap in one’s heart than the feeling of being called a Mom. Don’t let that emotion be suppressed by the risk of infertility.

Does Smoking Affect Getting Pregnant?

At present majority of the women in this hectic life schedule and some for other factors get influenced and get into smoking. Many women who smoke are asking the question “does smoking affect getting pregnant?” Yes it does if that soothes you. Women have less chances of giving birth to a baby if they are frequent or chain smokers. Let us know important points to consider if you are planning for the big thing.

Things to consider

  • Nonsmokers also have fertility issue but for other reasons. Smokers on the other hand have high risk of fertility. Problems that a smoker can come across are many. You may have ovulation problem, issues pertaining to genes, damage to the reproductive organs. It may also cause damage to eggs fertilizing in your or sudden menopause. Many have complained about the risk of cancer too. It is better to prevent it than face it with challenges later.

  • Passive smoking can be dangerous too. So if there is anyone in the house who smokes a lot, you need to stay away for the time you are planning for being pregnant.

  • Chances of miscarriage increases if you smoke. Even if you have gotten pregnant while you had been on smoke, there might be higher effect on the fetus’s miscarriage. No one wants that.

  • Smoking as compared to other reasons of not being pregnant, is definitely a major one in causing more risks of not getting pregnant. If you are not the one who doesn’t want a baby, then quit smoking as soon as you can so that you don’t regret the decision later when it is too late.

Smoking has done no good to anyone. I am sure the points above have answered your questions “does smoking affect getting pregnant?” vividly. Now take the cautious step and lead a healthy life for your family.

Does Stress Affect Getting Pregnant?

Many people including women are going through stresses of life. There is no specific reason to stress but it is definitely not good for anyone’s health. Stress also affects pregnancy. This article is on trying to get a clear answer and direction to “does stress affect getting pregnant?” This is a common topic that has been undergoing discussion for years now and it has been proved that stress can interfere in your rate of fertility. Let us know about the impact of stress of Pregnancy.

Effects of Stress

A report that got published in the journal by the name “Fertility and Sterility” has claimed that women with stress hormones have greater impact on fertility. If women developed stress hormone, then the pregnancy rate drops by a huge margin. It is therefore recommended a woman should be light on her head and no stress going around when planning to be pregnant.

Researches have also proved that women that have undergone more stress have lesser passage of eggs. This directly points out to the fact that a woman will have hard time getting pregnant.

Stress has never been a great ingredient even when a woman has her menstrual cycle. Stress can give one woman irregular periods or more than usual bleeding days. So this is a small example for you to know how impactful it can be on your pregnancy too.

Things to do

Getting rid of stress is not too easy but not impossible. Following a certain steps, one can get over the phase and lead a healthier pregnancy cycle.

  • Meditation and yoga can do wonders to anyone going through stress. Make it a habit to meditate and practice yoga every day. This will clear out all the negative element from you.

  • Eat healthy and drink healthy.

  • Get adequate sleep and don’t take up work that involves stress.

Simple tricks but very helpful.

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